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                                            TELESCOPIC CRANE

                                            The telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The boom extension is a telescopic inner section that allows a more flexible and wider operational radius in use and leaves the crane stored in a compact position. The advantages of the telescopic cranes are low weight and less complex design making them maintenance-friendly. The cranes are supplied according to customer requirements and numerous optional features.

                                            Telescopic pedestal cranes are suitable for general cargo handling and service operations on offshore vessels. The cranes are versatile and dedicated for harsh environment conditions. The cranes are ideal for servicing offshore vessels and wind farm installations and derricks BOP garage areas.

                                            Telescopic booms also have the advantage of being able to operate with the boom tip closer to the load, thereby reducing the pendulum effect. They also require less space for stowage than a fixed length boom.

                                            The cranes are available up to SWL 80t lifting capacity and are supplied according to customer requirements and optional features.


                                            • Designed in accordance with EN 13852, DNV, API or ABS

                                            • Electro-hydraulic drive

                                            • Diesel-hydraulic drive

                                            • Complete explosion protection according to ATEX guidelines

                                            • Man-riding winch

                                            • AOPS Automatic Overload Protection System

                                            • MOPS Manual Overload Protection System

                                            • Rope Tensioning Systems - Constant Tension

                                            • AHC Active Heave Compensator