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                                                                      If the crane is built to Class rules then there will be a specific requirement for a document package. In any case, HMB Lintec marine provides a documentation package which may include the following:

                                                                      • Operations Manual

                                                                      • GA drawings of the crane
                                                                      • Power system drawings
                                                                      • Electrical drawings
                                                                      • Hydraulic schematic
                                                                      • List of standards used to design and build the crane
                                                                      • Spare parts manual
                                                                      • List of recommended spares
                                                                      • Documented report of FAT including NDT or other testing of individual components
                                                                      • Maintenance procedures
                                                                      • Details of worldwide service centres and contact details
                                                                      • Class Society documentation as applicable
                                                                      • Report of testing after installation including load tests
                                                                      • Load/radius curves for differing sea states