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We are your experienced partner for supplying and commissioning these special cranes in different sizes and types for the open cast mining and building materials industry. The cranes are used as maintenance cranes for different open cast mining systems, especially for crushing plants. The cranes are adapted to the specific climatic, geological and technical conditions.

Piston rods, shafts and axles of the luffing cylinders, jib bearings and rope sheaves are all made of stainless steel and stored in bronze bushings to secure functionality and operationality and provide protection from the harsh environmental conditions.

The closed design concept of the mining crane protects all modules from dust, especially the control cabinet and drive unit. The pump motor and cooling circuit are located in a closed crane column equipped with air cooling, dust filter system and water-resistant cover.

HMB Lintec marine supplied various sizes of mining cranes. Mining cranes with a load capacity of up to SWL 200t of the main hoist and up to SWL 30t lifting capacity of the auxiliary hoist are working nowadays successfully world-wide. In any case, HMB Lintec marine supplies according to customer requirements and with optional features, e.g. crane control by wireless-radio remote or via cable control.

In addition HMB Lintec marine supplies powerful winches for various applications and hoisting equipment for the tensioning of conveyor belts.